Psy breaking records with “Gentleman” – Again!

Psy – the artist (debatable) responsible for giving us “Gangnam Style” is now back, and breaking more records.

After reading this post on TechCrunch, Psy has released another hit with “Gentleman” and accumulated 38 million hits on day 1 of appearing on YouTube.

Gangnam Style was the first video to hit 1 billion views back in December and achieved a whopping $8 million in revenue for Google via Youtube!

So with “Gentleman” reaching an audience of 100 million in just four days, there could be a surge from the same artist to beat records associated with the social platform.

Definitely not my cup of tea, but here is the video regardless..


007 in 70 Seconds!

Every boy/man would love to live the fantasy life of James Bond. The cars, the women, the action.. everybody loves James Bond. Well Coca-Cola have made the James Bond fantasy real, even if only for just over a minute!

Coca-Cola zero have produced a “real life” James Bond challenge, promoting the new film Skyfall and offering exclusive tickets to the screening!

A “chase” scene has been created and implemented in to a vending machine in a train station. The chase is activated when customers wish to purchase a drink from the machine.  Continue reading

Absolutely Drenched!

Hey Guys! Another post!

Recieved some positive feedback about the last post about 123 People, and heard a few of the readers who hadn’t tried it, gave it a go themselves!

Today, another advert that caught my eye recently, the Drench advert.

The water company have pulled of another successful advert that is fun, entertaining and most certainly to the point. The “Rhythm Is a Dancer” advert from couple years back was a favorite of mine, but I would say this one eclipses it for comedy value.

30 seconds long – not too draining and enough time to get the message across!

The advert is viewed as undercover scenes behind Drench headquarters about finding new ways to keep the public hydrated. A brilliant shot then lines up 5 different humans, all of different demographics and douses them with water from a hose pipe at an unbelievable force, making them fall to the ground from the impact!

The advert carries on with office workers being absolutely pounded with Drench juice that they have out through their computer monitors, and also through the phone.

The ad carries on “drench“ing people in various ways, but all with the same comedy effect and most certainly keeping them hydrated. Here you go guys, have a browse at this..

Just been Easter, Kinder Time?

A module of my first year at university comes under the title Digital Marketing & Marketing Platforms – (coined DMMP for ease). In this module, we look at ways in which digital affects the way in which businesses operate nowadays, and also look into the platforms used to deliver marketing.

Of course with  Wordpress being a blog format, it is considered a digital marketing platform!

Anyway seen as Easter has passed us by for 2012, I would like to share to you a project I carried out in DMMP earlier on in the year.

After analyzing and comparing un-packaging videos for different products, we were tasked with a project to unbox a product ourselves – The Kinder Egg!

Who doesn’t love Kinder Eggs? Especially for my generation, Kinder Eggs were the ultimate child hood chocolate! When younger, I used to tear the wrapping paper off and demolish the chocolate to quickly get to the little yellow plastic oval inside.. which of course unveiled the coveted toy!

Back to the project.. I designed a story board to unwrap my Kinder egg by itself, mystical ey?! I created the advert using a lot of still shots and combining them, with a music track over the top of it. (Gossip – Standing In The Way Of Control).

Here is the Kinder egg project that I created, enjoy 🙂 ..

Run from the Wolves!

Its been a few days since I last posted, apologies! Not been too well and had a lot of hours at work to plough through, but today I have a day off to be productive, get some work done and also post about an advert I am particularly fond of!

The advert is that produced by American footwear producer – New Balance. The company, who have  a well established market in both the US and the UK have released an advert introducing  their 1080v2 running shoes.

Why does it work for me?

Well, the advert has a feel good factor to it. A guy, setting off on a jog of his own passes fellow joggers, who greet him cheerfully with the “thumbs up”. Nothing too radical, but as most of us would agree, when somebody shows a nice gesture to a stranger it makes you feel good, tying in with the feel good factor to it.

The main attraction to the video for me is the fact that the man is running in opposite direction to the crowd, almost in his own direction. This, if you think about it, reflects life and decisions. People make their own decisions and choices in life dependent on circumstances and choices!

Anyway, the advert continues with the man joining a long queue of people lining up to grab a pair of the New Balance 1080v2 trainers that are the new release. He continues to join everybody running of in the trainers, with a smile on his face 🙂

Currently, I am a huge fan of Ben Howard and his Every Kingdom album! New Balance have used a popular song from the album on this advert – Wolves. This track is very catchy, and recognizable from the chorus. I encourage any readers (if they havn’t already) to listen to the album, with it carrying a nice relaxing feel but also great lyrics.

Enough explaining, heres the New Balance 1080v2 advert..

Simplicity Is Effective!

One of my favourite music tracks at the moment is Lonely Boy, by the Black Keys from their El Camino album. It perks you up with a listen and makes the day seem a little better!

The music video released by the Black Keys on their YouTube channel is, in my opinion, top quality. The simpleness and lack of complicated angles and connotations makes the video really effective and tie in well with the feel good factor of the track itself.

I managed to bag myself a Leeds Festival ticket earlier on in the year for the August event, and to my delight the Black Keys were announced as a sub headliner to the FOO Fighters for the Friday!

Enough from me, watch this video..