Psy breaking records with “Gentleman” – Again!

Psy – the artist (debatable) responsible for giving us “Gangnam Style” is now back, and breaking more records.

After reading this post on TechCrunch, Psy has released another hit with “Gentleman” and accumulated 38 million hits on day 1 of appearing on YouTube.

Gangnam Style was the first video to hit 1 billion views back in December and achieved a whopping $8 million in revenue for Google via Youtube!

So with “Gentleman” reaching an audience of 100 million in just four days, there could be a surge from the same artist to beat records associated with the social platform.

Definitely not my cup of tea, but here is the video regardless..


Never really was “MySpace”

Hello readers! Been a while since a last post and I apologise, although its only to affect me by not having fresh content regularly!

Anyway, this post I thought I’d talk about online presence, and what the world can actually see about you. This was a task we were given in DMMP, to identify the powers of social media and your personal profiles.

Basically, we searched ourselves on Google, and again on 123 People. For those that do not know, 123 People is a website that allows you to search for peoples names, and displays results on what social networks they are associated too.

I managed to come across two things; My Twitter account, but also a very very VERY stagnant MySpace page!

Only the other day I took it upon myself to (remember my password!), and delete the account. I had last updated the profile in early 2008, a 15 year old boy who was listening to MC’in and roaming the streets in tracksuits.

Imagine an employee was to search for my name using 123 People, in order to contact me or even for job opportunities, and stumbled across this MySpace page. Not only would it portray a bad image of myself as a youngster (having matured since, honestly!), but I probably would not recieve the messages, as it is not a format I use any longer!

Basically, my post was to let you know that having all of these accounts can sometimes be a pain, not only to track yourselves, but for others to track you! 🙂