As a matter of Pinterest.

Another few days has passed where I havn’t done any posts, again – apologies!

This time, I’ve been doing quite a lot of uni work as well as checking out a new platform – Pinterest.

And I’ve got to say, I’m very impressed. I had heard about the concept a while back during a lecture, but for some reason I delayed looking into the idea of it, even though i was interested in it.

Sounds so simple, a couple of boards, add pins to them, share with followers. Thats because it is so simple, yet so effective. Boards can created to completely shape your personality, from a board on favourite foods to even what clothes you enjoy wearing. I have no followers just yet (ha ha) but I’m not too bothered. I’m enjoying scouring the internet and pinning out things that reflect my views or my interests.

If you want to check out my profile on there, by all means your welcome to here.

Can see a big future for Pinterest, and who knows where it will go!? Sky’s the limit!
Heres a post I recently pinned to my boards, when the mighty Nelson Mandela took a trip to Anfield!



Suarez – Frustrating or Amazing?

I follow a member on Twitter about my favourite football club – Liverpool FC.

Yes, we havn’t been the most consistent team this year – by a long shot! I came accross this interesting debate that the user (unsure of name) posted about our talisman, Luis Suarez.

Suarez can be magic, but can also have you tearing your hair out at some wasted opportunities. This post debates whether he really is magical, or just purely frustrating!