I want MyPumas, and Quick!

Hello Guys, a new post. This time on a very interesting fashion trend that is sure to venture out!

Found this piece today on the Internet and loved it. Having recently bought a pair of Puma Baskets, the advert struck particular relevance to me!

Puma have decided to offer an exceptional promotion to its customers in Mexico. The promotional campaign titled “The Worlds Fastest Purchase” is what they have decided to do, literally offer the chance to make a fast purchase and offer great savings in the process!

The whole process is explained in words here from Digital Buzz.

“As shoppers entered the store they were prompted to push a big red button that started a timer on their shopping experience. Once pressed customers were issued with a ticket that time stamped the beginning of their shopping challenge. At the cash register, shoes in hand, they hit a second button and a ticket with a “stop” time was issued. The challenge earned the shoppers a varying level of discount from 5% off (for completing the shop in 10 minutes) to 20% off (for completing the shop in 3 minutes).”

How class is that? The quicker you buy your trainers or clothes, the cheaper you get it. Makes customers think twice about hanging around shops just browsing for hours upon end (working in retail, this is irritating!).

The campaign “The Worlds Fastest Purchase” is even more significant through the celebrity endorsement of Usain Bolt, the fastest man on the planet. So here it is guys, hope you enjoy it. Note that this could soon be used by other brands too as a way of promoting their products!


As a matter of Pinterest.

Another few days has passed where I havn’t done any posts, again – apologies!

This time, I’ve been doing quite a lot of uni work as well as checking out a new platform – Pinterest.

And I’ve got to say, I’m very impressed. I had heard about the concept a while back during a lecture, but for some reason I delayed looking into the idea of it, even though i was interested in it.

Sounds so simple, a couple of boards, add pins to them, share with followers. Thats because it is so simple, yet so effective. Boards can created to completely shape your personality, from a board on favourite foods to even what clothes you enjoy wearing. I have no followers just yet (ha ha) but I’m not too bothered. I’m enjoying scouring the internet and pinning out things that reflect my views or my interests.

If you want to check out my profile on there, by all means your welcome to here.

Can see a big future for Pinterest, and who knows where it will go!? Sky’s the limit!
Heres a post I recently pinned to my boards, when the mighty Nelson Mandela took a trip to Anfield!


Never really was “MySpace”

Hello readers! Been a while since a last post and I apologise, although its only to affect me by not having fresh content regularly!

Anyway, this post I thought I’d talk about online presence, and what the world can actually see about you. This was a task we were given in DMMP, to identify the powers of social media and your personal profiles.

Basically, we searched ourselves on Google, and again on 123 People. For those that do not know, 123 People is a website that allows you to search for peoples names, and displays results on what social networks they are associated too.

I managed to come across two things; My Twitter account, but also a very very VERY stagnant MySpace page!

Only the other day I took it upon myself to (remember my password!), and delete the account. I had last updated the profile in early 2008, a 15 year old boy who was listening to MC’in and roaming the streets in tracksuits.

Imagine an employee was to search for my name using 123 People, in order to contact me or even for job opportunities, and stumbled across this MySpace page. Not only would it portray a bad image of myself as a youngster (having matured since, honestly!), but I probably would not recieve the messages, as it is not a format I use any longer!

Basically, my post was to let you know that having all of these accounts can sometimes be a pain, not only to track yourselves, but for others to track you! 🙂

Just been Easter, Kinder Time?

A module of my first year at university comes under the title Digital Marketing & Marketing Platforms – (coined DMMP for ease). In this module, we look at ways in which digital affects the way in which businesses operate nowadays, and also look into the platforms used to deliver marketing.

Of course with  Wordpress being a blog format, it is considered a digital marketing platform!

Anyway seen as Easter has passed us by for 2012, I would like to share to you a project I carried out in DMMP earlier on in the year.

After analyzing and comparing un-packaging videos for different products, we were tasked with a project to unbox a product ourselves – The Kinder Egg!

Who doesn’t love Kinder Eggs? Especially for my generation, Kinder Eggs were the ultimate child hood chocolate! When younger, I used to tear the wrapping paper off and demolish the chocolate to quickly get to the little yellow plastic oval inside.. which of course unveiled the coveted toy!

Back to the project.. I designed a story board to unwrap my Kinder egg by itself, mystical ey?! I created the advert using a lot of still shots and combining them, with a music track over the top of it. (Gossip – Standing In The Way Of Control).

Here is the Kinder egg project that I created, enjoy 🙂 ..