“I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”

5th October 2011 was the date that one of the worlds great technological genius’ passed away.

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, passed away after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Apple have paid homage to their founder, through a short montage containing quotes and images from Steve Jobs on their homepage of their website. You can view the video by clicking here.

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Deal with your Face?!

Well its been a long time since I’ve last posted on here which is not good! But I’m back now, and looking to get this away from being stagnant for as long as it has been!

I’ve been on my summer holidays from uni and I’ve had a quality couple of months. Been on a quiet holiday with my mates to a nice rural place called Malia.. hmm. Also had a “quiet weekend” at Leeds Festival which was absolutely amazing!

I need to get my head screwed back on for uni as I go back in the next couple of weeks, so I’ve been doing a bit of Internet scouring and found a curious video involving Facebook and checking in.

Here it goes!

FaceDeals is a system which is looking to change the way in which people check-in on Facebook. For me personally, I don’t really check in much, unless I’m somewhere I feel is worthy of a check-in – at the airport or at Anfield perhaps. But anyway, this is crazy! Continue reading

“Wheely” Good Stunt

Another post today! What’s going on; thats two in a day!

Anyway, just wanted to post this World Records attempt by Hot Wheels company.

“Hot wheels drivers, Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy set a Guinness World Record racing two vehicles through the impressive six-story double vertical loop at the X Games in Los Angeles last weekend.” as descirbed on Digital Buzz Blog.

I personally didn’t realise that the Hot Wheels company still existed! They used to be one of my favourite toys as a child, along with Knex!

Anyway, check out this monumental effort at what seems an fatal task. Them drivers certainly have some bottle!

Walking on “Son”..shine!

Alright guys!

Today just wanted to post a little video about 2 friends of mine and their recent music recording.

“The Sons” recorded a series of acoustic songs last weekend after a long time of performing and people requesting some sort of recording! And they didn’t disappoint..

Richie and Shaun performed 4 acoustic covers of songs with the set list as follows:

  • Katrina & The Waves – Walking On Sunshine
  • Michael Jackson – The Way You Make Me Feel
  • Tracy Chapman – Fast Car
  • Natalie Imbruglia – Torn.

Check out The Sons versions of these songs here on SoundCloud, with the songs also ready for download!

Below is a Youtube link to their cover of Walking On Sunshine, Enjoy!

Cyber Turns Nasty!

Ever been wondering what to do at night when you’ve watched your TV for the night, checked your e-mails, blog, twitter etc?

That happened to me last night. Just flicking through the TV last night and ended up catching the last part of “Lifers” on channel 4+1, which was very intriguing. The program shows that although they have committed terrible crimes that are rightfully punished with life sentences, they are real people!

Anyway, after Lifers there was a short film/documentary entitled “Talhotblond”. After pressing the information button, the brief description was enough to persuade me to watch. Something along the lines of ” A film showing the true story of a mysterious Cyber love and the death that followed”. Whaaaat?

I had to tune in, and I’m glad I did. The story is gripping. Twist after twist ending in terrible news but completely unpredictable. The film is based on true events, which is also unbelievable. It kind of made me think, being an avid Internet user, how safe we really are on the Internet. But I stay well clear of spamming comments and any similar chatrooms that are involved in this story.

I urge all to catch this up on 4OD here, with it only being an hour or so long.

Here’s the trailer guys, check it out!

Ready to Run!

Hey guys! Been a few weeks since a last post, yet again! But in the past few weeks I’ve finished year one of university and moved back home with a lot of hours at work. Also been nice to have a wee bit of a break.

Today I’m posting a video that shows an creative and influencing advertising campaign from sports giants, Adidas.

Adidas France have started a campaign to raise the profile of running between 14-19 year olds in the country. Youngsters in France are not running as much as other countries, with Adidas noticing this and attempting to increase the popularity of a good old jog!

The Climacool range from Adidas (footwear) is focused on running, and performance activity. Adidas have adopted a clever campaign to increase the demand for their shoes between 14-19 year olds. Basically, youngsters that try on any of the climacool range trainers in any Adidas store in France, could be kidnapped and dropped off at a secret location.

Sound strange?! Not to worry, the youngsters are given headphones and directions through the headphones narrated by Judo world champion Teddy Riner. The instructions are given to complete a variety of tasks, whether it be to drop off a Pizza or to find a picture of a man.

The result of the video? A 500% increase in climacools tried throughout the country!

Absence explained, hopefully!

Hey Guys, 3 weeks since the last post! Woops!

But I do have explanation for that, been upto my neck in University work these last few weeks and also had a few exams! But they’re over now and as of tomorrow I move back home to put an end to my freshers year at university!

Been a great year, and really enjoying everything about uni life so far!

Since the last post, A LOT of sporting events has happened! We (LFC) lost the FA Cup to Chelsea, City snatched the league from United in the dying seconds, Kenny gets the boot and then Chelsea beat Bayern Munich in their own back garden on penalties!

This post ties in with the sport theme, a new advert from those genius’ at Nike.

“My Time Is Now” is the new title of Nike‘s new project, with a range of adverts to deliver this. Having already seen the Mario Balotelli ad with his haircut, this is my fave.

Without too much explanation, a whole host of famous footballers endorsed by Nike appear in this advert, which first starts as a fixture between the Holland and France national teams.. but as a Nike advert it was never to be that simple!

This still doesn’t top the Brazil Vs Portugal advert years back for me, but its still a good watch.. Enjoy!