Last post over 18 months ago!  Not good. Kind of neglected my blog whilst on placement, which in hindsight is silly. Anyway, back now after a 12 month placement with Cummins Power Generation in Kent and looking to reshape and refocus this space!

More to come soon, Jon!


Netflix – No Flix?

A while has passed since my last post! I will put that down to assignments due, interview prep and general rushing around. It doesn’t help when you work in retail over Christmas either, with a lot of hours!

Anyway.. hope all readers have had a nice festive period. This post may concern a few subscribers to the Internet media streaming company Netflix!


How dependent are companies on “cloud” servers? AWS (Amazon Web Services) is being blamed for the failure of Netflix service. Continue reading

Poor view? Pogoseat forward!

Have you ever been given a poor view at a sporting event? Pillars in your way, or even way back in row Z?

It is always even more annoying when you can actually see seats with a better view available, that nobody has taken!


The chances of grabbing those seats without being caught by a steward or a ticket man without telling you to move out of the seats are slim! Well thanks to Pogoseat, there is now a way to improve your sporting experiences, and occupy those seats with a better view!

Although this is idea is based for American Sports, such as basketball and baseball, the innovative application is a groundbreaking idea. So, how does it work?

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007 in 70 Seconds!

Every boy/man would love to live the fantasy life of James Bond. The cars, the women, the action.. everybody loves James Bond. Well Coca-Cola have made the James Bond fantasy real, even if only for just over a minute!

Coca-Cola zero have produced a “real life” James Bond challenge, promoting the new film Skyfall and offering exclusive tickets to the screening!

A “chase” scene has been created and implemented in to a vending machine in a train station. The chase is activated when customers wish to purchase a drink from the machine.  Continue reading

“I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”

5th October 2011 was the date that one of the worlds great technological genius’ passed away.

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, passed away after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Apple have paid homage to their founder, through a short montage containing quotes and images from Steve Jobs on their homepage of their website. You can view the video by clicking here.

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“Wheely” Good Stunt

Another post today! What’s going on; thats two in a day!

Anyway, just wanted to post this World Records attempt by Hot Wheels company.

“Hot wheels drivers, Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy set a Guinness World Record racing two vehicles through the impressive six-story double vertical loop at the X Games in Los Angeles last weekend.” as descirbed on Digital Buzz Blog.

I personally didn’t realise that the Hot Wheels company still existed! They used to be one of my favourite toys as a child, along with Knex!

Anyway, check out this monumental effort at what seems an fatal task. Them drivers certainly have some bottle!

Cyber Turns Nasty!

Ever been wondering what to do at night when you’ve watched your TV for the night, checked your e-mails, blog, twitter etc?

That happened to me last night. Just flicking through the TV last night and ended up catching the last part of “Lifers” on channel 4+1, which was very intriguing. The program shows that although they have committed terrible crimes that are rightfully punished with life sentences, they are real people!

Anyway, after Lifers there was a short film/documentary entitled “Talhotblond”. After pressing the information button, the brief description was enough to persuade me to watch. Something along the lines of ” A film showing the true story of a mysterious Cyber love and the death that followed”. Whaaaat?

I had to tune in, and I’m glad I did. The story is gripping. Twist after twist ending in terrible news but completely unpredictable. The film is based on true events, which is also unbelievable. It kind of made me think, being an avid Internet user, how safe we really are on the Internet. But I stay well clear of spamming comments and any similar chatrooms that are involved in this story.

I urge all to catch this up on 4OD here, with it only being an hour or so long.

Here’s the trailer guys, check it out!