Absolutely Drenched!

Hey Guys! Another post!

Recieved some positive feedback about the last post about 123 People, and heard a few of the readers who hadn’t tried it, gave it a go themselves!

Today, another advert that caught my eye recently, the Drench advert.

The water company have pulled of another successful advert that is fun, entertaining and most certainly to the point. The “Rhythm Is a Dancer” advert from couple years back was a favorite of mine, but I would say this one eclipses it for comedy value.

30 seconds long Рnot too draining and enough time to get the message across!

The advert is viewed as undercover scenes behind Drench headquarters about finding new ways to keep the public hydrated. A brilliant shot then lines up 5 different humans, all of different demographics and douses them with water from a hose pipe at an unbelievable force, making them fall to the ground from the impact!

The advert carries on with office workers being absolutely pounded with Drench juice that they have out through their computer monitors, and also through the phone.

The ad carries on “drench“ing people in various ways, but all with the same comedy effect and most certainly keeping them hydrated. Here you go guys, have a browse at this..