Sound Of The Underground

It has been a while since my last post! I have legitimate reasoning though. I have been involved in a lot of uni work over the past few weeks, preparing for group assignments and placement searches. I am actually posting about something I found a couple of weeks back, which I found really interesting.

I’m a music fan, as I’m sure a lot of people are. My iPod is an essential to any journey I make alone, as a pass time and a source of entertainment. Music makes everything better – socializing, working, even training.

But what about when your not alive?



“Fredrik Hjelmquist, operator of a music store in Sweden, has invented a hi-fi coffin so that the dead may listen to their favorite tunes in the afterlife”, quoted from tech page of Boing Boing.

This new technology allows songs to be played to the deceased through technology. It works by family or friends managing a playlist through Spotify using a Catacombo application. This playlist can be kept private, or made public for friends and families to add or amend songs to the playlist.

The playlist is then sent by a 4G server to the coffin, which has a 2.5 GHz Intel core processor and an LCD display showing which song is playing. The music is then played into the coffins interior through two speakers.

Check out the video demonstration here..

This use of technology is unbelievable. Frederik Hjielmquist (CEO) claims that “Hi-Fi is my biggest passion in my life and I will take it to the grave.”

Please enjoy and leave any comments!



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