Poor view? Pogoseat forward!

Have you ever been given a poor view at a sporting event? Pillars in your way, or even way back in row Z?

It is always even more annoying when you can actually see seats with a better view available, that nobody has taken!


The chances of grabbing those seats without being caught by a steward or a ticket man without telling you to move out of the seats are slim! Well thanks to Pogoseat, there is now a way to improve your sporting experiences, and occupy those seats with a better view!

Although this is idea is based for American Sports, such as basketball and baseball, the innovative application is a groundbreaking idea. So, how does it work?

The free app is for iPhone, iPad and soon to be Android mobile phones. It basically uses a log in for each user through Facebook, Twitter or a separate Pogoseat log in, and lists available upgrades for seats at the sporting events.

The seats (if not taken), will be offered at lower rates closer to game-time or even during game time, to reduce the the deficit of lost seats for the sporting arena.

The next stage is paying an upgrade price at the discounted rate through Paypal, credit card or amazon. Your Pogoseat ticket is then delivered electronically to your mobile device and you are welcome to venture down to those seats with a better atmosphere / view without fear of being told to move!

Pogoseat seems as though it can take off rapidly, particularly in America. Will we ever see such an idea implemented successfully in the UK?


Please, Leave any feedback!

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