007 in 70 Seconds!

Every boy/man would love to live the fantasy life of James Bond. The cars, the women, the action.. everybody loves James Bond. Well Coca-Cola have made the James Bond fantasy real, even if only for just over a minute!

Coca-Cola zero have produced a “real life” James Bond challenge, promoting the new film Skyfall and offering exclusive tickets to the screening!

A “chase” scene has been created and implemented in to a vending machine in a train station. The chase is activated when customers wish to purchase a drink from the machine. 

The customer is thanked for purchasing Coke Zero, and offered a chance to win tickets to Skyfall viewing. Simply enter their name, and a 70 second challenge begins, with the challenge being to get to the 6th floor in 70 seconds!

Lets just say Coca-Cola didn’t make it easy for their 007 wannabes. Check this out..


To view the commercial Coke Zero produced for the Skyfall release, just simply click here.


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