Just been Easter, Kinder Time?

A module of my first year at university comes under the title Digital Marketing & Marketing Platforms – (coined DMMP for ease). In this module, we look at ways in which digital affects the way in which businesses operate nowadays, and also look into the platforms used to deliver marketing.

Of course with  Wordpress being a blog format, it is considered a digital marketing platform!

Anyway seen as Easter has passed us by for 2012, I would like to share to you a project I carried out in DMMP earlier on in the year.

After analyzing and comparing un-packaging videos for different products, we were tasked with a project to unbox a product ourselves – The Kinder Egg!

Who doesn’t love Kinder Eggs? Especially for my generation, Kinder Eggs were the ultimate child hood chocolate! When younger, I used to tear the wrapping paper off and demolish the chocolate to quickly get to the little yellow plastic oval inside.. which of course unveiled the coveted toy!

Back to the project.. I designed a story board to unwrap my Kinder egg by itself, mystical ey?! I created the advert using a lot of still shots and combining them, with a music track over the top of it. (Gossip – Standing In The Way Of Control).

Here is the Kinder egg project that I created, enjoy 🙂 ..


Please, Leave any feedback!

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